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Photo: J. Campagna

Start: 11/12/05 - End: 02/08/06
Duration of the trip: 231 days (7.7 months)
Max distance to the colony: 1,708 km
Total distance covered: 10,787 km

Start: 06/01/07 - End: 07/20/07
Duration of the trip: 194 days (6.5 months)
Max distance to the colony: 1,429 km
Total distance covered: 14,650 km

Start: 05/01/07 - End: 09/14/07
Duration of the trip: 249 days (8.3 months)
Max distance to the colony: 1,280 km
Total distance traveled: 13,578 km

Start: 07/13/04 - End: 12/11/04
Duration of the trip: 148 days (4.9 months)
Max distance to the colony: 1,156 km
Total distance traveled: 7,317 km

Start: 11/30/05 - End: 05/05/06
Duration of the trip: 155 days (5.2 months)
Max distance to the colony: 1,305 km
Total distance traveled: 3,748 km

Start: 12/01/05 - End: 06/29/06
Duration of the trip: 208 days (6.9 months)
Max distance to the colony: 1,006 km
Total distance covered: 4,297 km

Female with satellite tag
Female with satellite tag All trajectories
FAR11 (Clarisa): Juvenile female
11AL-A: Juvenile male
10SU-M: Juvenile male
H57: Juvenile female
NIL4: Juvenile male
PT7: Juvenile male

From Valdés to Malvinas
Mirounga leonina

There is a sex difference in the foraging behavior of adult elephant seals from Península Valdés. Most females travel long distances to the Atlantic basin, while males forage at or near the shelf break.
Juveniles would not show a sex-dependent strategy.
Some juveniles depart after the molt and remain on the continental shelf, feeding in the productive fronts that surround the Malvinas Islands, or explore other shallow waters such as the Chilean fiords (SE Pacific). After months at sea, they migrate back to the coasts of Argentine Patagonia.

Dataholders: C. Campagna (WCS); M. Lewis y M.R. Marín (CESIMAR-CONICET).

Maps: V. Falabella (WCS).

ProjectUso estacional del mar por el Elefante Marino del Sur en el corredor migratorio Islas Malvinas

Malvinas en la Universidad (RSPU 3854/15). Univ. Nac. de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco - Sec. de Políticas Universitarias.