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Tides and winds produce currents and vertical mixes of the water column in coastal areas (Cabo Raso, Patagonian Coast).

Oxygen dissolved distribution in the southern summer (January-March average, isolines of O2 per 0.4 ml/l).

Data contributed by A. Piola (SHN-UBA-CONICET, Argentina).

© Eugenia Zavattieri
© Eugenia Zavattieri Oxygen dissolved (Summer)


The oxygen dissolved in the sea originates in the atmosphere and in algal photosynthesis. Its concentration depends on the partial pressure of the gas, temperature and salinity of the water.

By comparing the dissolved oxygen distribution map with the temperature map a clear relationship between both variables is apparent.

The zones of high oxygen concentration (yellow and orange) coincide with the cold waters of the Malvinas Current, and the areas of lower concentration (blue) with the warmer waters of the Brazil Current.